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Voyer Trail

The vision of the Voyer Trail is a shared-use recreational trail following the old Voyer Road between Corbeil and North Bay.  The trail will provide a direct connection to North Bay’s Kate Pace Way, and will expand the outdoor recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to the area.  It has long been a priority of Discovery Routes to work with community partners to realize the vision.

We have made significant progress on the trail with the support of individuals, businesses and the Municipality of East Ferris.  In 2008, an action plan was created for the trail to provide direction to the volunteer-driven effort.  Find out more in the Voyer Trail Action Plan.  (~9.0MB)

In 2013, Discovery Routes began to build the trail in earnest with a solid team of volunteers.  A good article was written in The North Bay Nugget about the project.

There is still a lot of work to be done.


If you are interested in volunteering your time or have any other contribution, please let us know by email at


Voyageur Cycling Route

Upcoming Trail Events

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