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Resources for Trail Builders and Managers

Resource Library

Over the years, Discovery Routes has built a library of trail studies and other resources.  Please contact us at (705) 472-8480 or at if you are interested in reviewing any of the following resources.

* unbound paper resource
digital resource


C07 Rail-Trails and Community Sentiment
January 1998
C08 * Omaha Recreational Trails: Their Effect on Property Values and Public Safety
June 2000
C10 * Trail Liability and Other Reforms in Ontario – Discussion Paper
October 2002
D06 Does Built Environment Influence Physical Activity
October 2005; 1MB
D06 Implementing Trail Based Economic Development Programs
December 2008; 1MB
D06 Ontario Tourism Competitiveness Study
February 2009; 2MB
D06 Ontario_Way_Finding Research Study
February 2009; 907KB
D06 Proposed_Growth_Plan for Northern Ontario
November 2009; 2MB
D06 Sediment and Erosion Control Plan
January 2010; 4MB

Trail Building

D01-a Building Better Trails
2001; International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA)
D02 * Trail Building Toolkit
July 2003; Bruce Grey Trails Network
D06 Bruce Grey Trails Network Trail Builders Toolkit
August 2003; 1MB
D03 * Trailbuilders Policy
February 2007; Trans Canada Trail
D06 Ontario’s Best Trails Design Construction
May 2007; 4MB
D06 Developing Trails in Nova Scotia – initiation
March 2009; 163KB
D06 Nova Scotia Trails – Trail Planning Workbook
March 2009; 61KB
D06 Developing Trails in Nova Scotia – construction
December 2009; 2MB
D04 * Trail Design and Construction
8.5”x14”, no cover
D05 Design and Signage Guidelines – Waterfront Trail

Trail Management

E02 * Rural Trail Landowner Issues
2000; Partial report
E03 * The Ontario Trail User Code of Ethics
November 2006
D05 Strategies for Building Volunteer Leadership
September 2007; 2.04MB
D06 Best Practice Guidelines for Volunteer Screening
March 2008; 214KB
D06 Encinitas Trails Master Plan – Maintenance Plan
July 2009; 139KB
E04 * Challenges Faced by Multiple-Use Trail Managers
Partial report printed from online source
E05 * Risk Management and Liability for Trails
E06 * Top 10 Ways to Work with the Opposition
E07-a Best Practices for Forming & Revitalizing Regional Trail Committees in Ontario
Trans Canada Trail Ontario

Tourism and Marketing

F05 Building the Brand – Northern Ontario Communications Plan
~ 2002
F07 * National Trails Day Event Organizer’s Manual
2003; Ontario Trails Council
F08 * Blue Sky Region Tourism Marketing and Economic Impact
February 2005
D06 Business Case for Active Transportation
October 2005; 1MB
F09 * Trail Towns – Capturing Trail-Based Tourism
D06 Trail Town – Capturing Trail Based Tourism
February 2009; 4MB
D06 Event Lead Manual – Record Braking Walk
October 2006; 1MB
D06 Ontario Trails Council Event Resource Guide
August 2007; 774KB
D06 Development Manuel for Community Based ATV Tourism
November 2007; 4MB
F10 Best Practices for Increasing Trail Usage by Hikers and Walkers
F11 * Creating Bicycle Friendly Communities in Ontario
F13 * Rails-to-Trails and Greenways Movements Design and Marketing
Partial report

Other Resources

G02 Rails-to-Trails Resource Manual
G03 Bicycle Policy Review & Update Technical Report (for Ministry of Transportation)
May 1992
D06 Walkability Checklist
October 2005; 196KB
G06 Funding Sources
July 2007
D06 East Coast Greenway Trail Signage Manual
February 2009; 2MB
D06 Community Physical Activity Planning – a resource manual for communities
June 2008; 2MB
D06 Acquiring Rail Corridors
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy; May 2009; 272KB

Voyageur Cycling Route

Upcoming Trail Events

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