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Dog sledding in the Ontario Near North region is growing in popularity every year.  In the north, dog sledding was the fundamental form of transportation before the introduction of motorized winter travel.  Dog sleds were a significant aspect of hunting trips, they were the most convenient way to get from place to place, and gave people the opportunity to enjoy leisurely outings.

Two characteristics are essential in sled dogs – endurance and speed.  Sled dogs have the power to travel anywhere from 8 to 130 kilometres in one day, and can maintain an average speed of 9 to 12 kilometres per hour while pulling amounts up to twice their weight.  Sled dogs have the ability to withstand frigid conditions thanks to their thick, dense coats.  The dogs genuinely enjoy their job, and as sleds are being readied for a day’s adventure, they impatiently wait for their turn to be harnessed.

Today, sledding excursions provide an opportunity for people to enjoy winter wildlife and the beauty of the outdoors, while gaining a first-hand experience of this northern tradition.  It has become an exhilarating winter activity that can be suitable for anyone of any age.  The excitement of the dogs is contagious!

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