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There are several different types of motorcycles designed and specialized for specific functions.  For off-road use, the motorcycles typically have light-weight and small engines, a simple and rugged construction, long suspension and high ground clearance, and large wheels with knobby tires.  Off-road motorcycles are often specialized for a variety of off-road motorcycle sports including motocross, enduro, rallies, and trials, to name just a few.

Organized off-road motorcycling groups provide venues for people to enjoy this sport in places that are designed to accommodate the activity, and help riders evade more environmentally sensitive areas.

Locally, a lot of the off-road motorcycling is simply trail riding.  This form of riding is non-competitive, and a way for families and friends to get together and ride the local trails for the exercise and enjoyment of the challenge of sometimes difficult terrain.  Riding requires a certain level of fitness and stamina and often an affinity for dirt!

Some use off-road motorcycling as a way to enjoy the outdoors in a fast, exhilarating way, while others enjoy the competitive side to this sport.  Either way, off-road motorcycling is filled with intense action and excitement and is sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

Visit the Blue Sky Riders website for events hosted in the Near North region.

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