Trail Volunteer Champions

Old Nipissing Ghost Road

Across the Discovery Routes region there are at least 56 separate community trail partners responsible for the stewardship of local trails – many of these groups rely entirely on volunteers who donate their time, energy and talents to our trails.

Trails Champions: ReCycle Bikes Mechanics

volunteer bike mechanics

2023 Volunteer Trail Mechanics; Ayden, Cam, Lance, Adeola, Paul, Caymen and Scott. Missing: Tim, Paul, Darrell, Morgan

The ReCycle Bikes crew are a welcoming community of enthusiastic like-minded volunteers who LOVE bikes! Most of these folks return year-after-year building their own bike repair skills and making a difference in the community by giving others the opportunity to own a bike. As of 2023, over 1700 volunteer hours have gone into the program.

Why do you volunteer for ReCycle Bikes?

“I like using some of my skills to give back to the community and give back to people who need a bike or need a bike repaired. I think cycling is a very important part of having a good life and that everyone should have that opportunity,” Paul Davis, long-time volunteer bike mechanic.

“I grew up on two wheels and to be able to give other people that opportunity is worth it, that alone is enough compensation for me,” Lance Belanger, volunteer since 2015

Trails Champion: Gerry Giesler

Volunteer with Discovery Routes Chair on trail lookout

Susan Christian, Chair of Discovery Routes with Powassan trail volunteer Gerry Giesler

Long-time Powassan trail champion, Gerry Giesler has devoted over 16 years of service to the trails community. Gerry was instrumental in improving paddling access to the South River Water Trail successfully getting portage trails around a number of hydro dams between Trout Creek and Powassan. Volunteering with the Powassan Recreation Committee, Gerry has been involved in The Pines trail network, and is excited to see years of planning take shape in a new trail and water access at Love Lake in Trout Creek in 2023. When asked why he volunteers, Gerry responded;

“I’ve always been an outdoors person and like doing outdoor stuff. What it boils down to is I like sharing my knowledge and making sure other people can get to enjoy the outdoors too.”

Trail Volunteer Appreciation Program

Gerry was the first trail volunteer to be recognized as part of Discovery Routes Trail Volunteer Appreciation Program.  This new program will bring attention to the volunteers who devote endless hours to serve on committees, champion important trail issues and causes, maintain and manage local trails and coordinate trail events and programs that further the positive growth and development of the region’s trail network. Our goal with the program is to recognize this diverse community of volunteers and inspire more individuals to get involved in their local trails community.

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The vast network of trails we celebrate exist on the traditional lands and waterways of the Anishinaabe people within the territory protected by the Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850 and Williams Treaties of 1923.