Kag Trail (Samuel de Champlain PP)


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The Kag Trail within Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park passes through a natural pure stand of red pine. Indigenous peoples sometimes gathered the edible inner bark and seeds of this and other pines. As you explore the Kag woodlands, imagine you are back in time, so awaken your senses, and look for signs of forest creatures and listen for their voices. This trail has some steep cliffs and is therefore recommended for experienced hikers. The trail takes its name from the Ojibway language, meaning ‘porcupine’.

  • trail has steep sections and some unauthorized paths to sheer cliff sections
  • extreme caution must be used if approach cliff edges

The Park is not staffed in the winter months, the trails are not maintained, and only a few access roads are ploughed, though visitors are welcome to snowshoe the trails at their own risk.

Trailhead UTM 663453 mE x 5129015 mN
Ownership Ontario Parks
Management Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park
Length 2.5 km
Activities Hiking, Snowshoeing
Amenities Camping
Difficulty Moderate to Hard
Level of Development Minimally Developed
Fees Park-entry Fee
Seasons All Season

Rules for Use

  • motorized travel are prohibited
  • appropriate footwear is a necessity
  • pets must be leashed at all times
  • park entry permit is required for trail use


From the HWY 11/17 junction near Seymour Street, take exit 377 onto HWY 17 East. After about 48 km (29.8 mi) of travel you will see an entrance on the left to Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park.

For More Information

Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park 
6905 Hwy 17 E, Mattawa, ON
(705) 744-2276

The vast network of trails we celebrate exist on the traditional lands and waterways of the Anishinaabe people within the territory protected by the Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850 and Williams Treaties of 1923.