Lake Bernard Cycle



The Sundridge Lions Park, located at the bottom of Paget St is the perfect spot to take off for a challenging trek around Lake Bernard. It is a 23.53km hilly route around Lake Bernard-the same route as used for the triathlon. You will find this route to be a combination of paved and gravel road. It is passable on road bike – better suited for a gravel or mountain bike. As you exit the park, turn right onto Main St, which turns into Forest Lake Rd just past Unions St. Follow Lakeshore Dr, and keep right. Lakeshore Dr takes you to South Lake Bernard Rd, where the challenges of packed gravel, hills, and curves along the south shore of Lake Bernard are met. Turn right onto High Rock Lookout, and enjoy the spectacular views. Continue to Sunny Ridge Rd, and cross the rail keeping tp the right onto Albert St. Turn right onto Main St and return to the park.

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Length 23.5 km

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2 Responses to “Lake Bernard Cycle”

  1. Caroline Dufresne says:

    I am looking for bike trails near me, North Bay Ontario but once I find one I want to print, it brings me to another website that i need to create a password for. I don’t like having all these sites I need to be part of just to print a route, is there another option ?
    thank you

    • Marketing Manager says:

      Hi Caroline, thanks so much for your feedback. We will definitely consider what you have reported.

      For now, I have included a link to the
      google map
      which you should be able to print. This map doesn’t have as many features as MapMyRun, for example, there is no elevation scale.

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