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Can-Bike Level 1: Learn to Ride

This 1.5 hour course focuses on basic bike handling skills for all ages and who have never ridden a bicycle. The course covers all the information and fundamental skills needed to get on the bike and ride comfortably. The skills learned during the Learn to Ride include helmet and bike fit, coasting and balancing on a bike, pedaling, steering, and stopping, safety equipment and appropriate cycling apparel. These sessions are offered one-on-one and are available by appointment, to set up a date and time directly with a Can-Bike Instructor email or call 705 472 8480 ext. 223.

Can-Bike Level 2-3: Cycling Basics and Core Cycling Skills

Our enthusiastic CAN-BIKE trained instructors are excited to offer basic cycling skills training to schools and community groups. Training sessions include bike and helmet fit, bike safety check, bicycle handling skills, traffic safety, and signaling. Instructors come equipped with obstacles and activities that will encourage the development of a wide variety of cycling skills in a fun and challenging way.

Designed for small groups of students 8 years and older, instructors are able to offer short group rides on-road to build on the skills learned during the first component of the training. Students must be familiar with the rules of the road and demonstrate this to instructors prior to participating in a group ride. On-road riding allows students the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge of road riding in a safe and supervised environment.

For younger children, the program offers an interactive classroom presentation that includes a bike and helmet safety check.

For more information, email or call 705-472-8480 ext 223.

Can-Bike Level 4: Advanced Cycling Skills

This advanced course is designed for cyclists who have on-road riding experience and want to improve their cycling abilities, confidence, and knowledge of how to ride effectively in traffic. Formerly known as the CAN-BIKE 2 course, this is also the standard course for adult cyclists (16 years and older) taking leadership roles within their communities. The successful completion of the advanced cycling skills course is often a minimum requirement of many employers who require employees to cycle for work.

Students of the advanced cycling skills course will be required to demonstrate to the instructor their cycling ability and a working knowledge of traffic dynamics on the first day of the course. An online requirement must be completed through CAN-Bike ahead of time and presented to the instructor.

This course acts as the prerequisite to the CAN-Bike Instructor Workshop. For those who wish to work towards the CAN-Bike instructor certification, instructors must be informed of this intent on the first day of the Advanced Cycling Skills course. These students will then be required to complete and pass both the written and practical tests and be recommended for instructor training by the course facilitator.

For more information email or call 705 472 8480 ext. 223.

Can-Bike Level 5: Instructor Training

This intensive cycling course is for individuals who wish to become certified CAN-BIKE instructors. If you are passionate about cycling education and wish to provide CAN-BIKE instruction to others in the North Bay area, please consider becoming a program leader! Students taking this course will need to have completed all the course prerequisites as verified by the Program Coordinator. This course consists of in-class and on-road components as well as written and practical teaching exams. To learn more about the responsibilities and expectations of CAN-BIKE instructors in the program, please contact Discovery Routes.

Special Interest Program: Back to School By Bike

Kids love biking! It gives them a sense of freedom and it’s a lot of fun. By the time a child is entering Grade 4, most should be able to ride to school. Back to School by Bike is a 3-hour program in neighbourhoods throughout North Bay designed to provide students in grades 4-6 with the confidence to bike to school. The program will give participants an overview of traffic safety, assess their skills to ride on quiet residential streets, correctly adjusted helmet and properly fit a bike. A primary focus of the program will be on planning the route from home to school. Participants will create a customized route plan to practice leading up to the first day of school.

All instructors have been trained through Cycling Canada’s Can-Bike program.

Note to parents on safe cycling: Children under 10 years old should not ride their bicycles in traffic. To be safe on-road cyclists, good judgement and physical coordination is required. Children under 10 lack depth perception and the thinking skills required to negotiate traffic. Proper adult supervision is required. [Young Cyclist’s Guide, Ontario]

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