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North Bay

Cradled between Lake Nipissing and a 70-meter escarpment, North Bay has an excellent urban trail system for hikers, bikers, cross-country skiers, in-line skaters, and joggers.  The City’s trails take many forms including paved pathways, level walkways, and nature trails.  The Kate Pace Way and the Kinsmen Trail combine to offer 28 km of multi-use paved trails from one end of the City to the other.  The Education Center Trails and Laurentian Escarpment Conservation Area Trails give you a majestic view of the city.

The trails within the City are managed and/ or maintained by a variety of groups that include:

Detailed trail information is available for many of the trails listed below in the Trail Guide to Healthy Living.  To purchase a copy, visit our office or click here. The North Bay Trails & Pathways map is available for download here.

Beaver Meadow Loop at North Bay Nordic
Length: 1.5 km / 0.93 mi   Activities: snowshoe

Black Forest Trail
Length: 1 to 1.5 km / 0.62 – 0.93 mi   Activities: hike

Corbeil Circle Route
Length: 45 km / 28 mi   Activities: bike   Also passes through: Callander / Corbeil

Education Centre Trails (sometimes called Duchesnay Falls Trails)
Length: 11.6 km / 7.2 mi   Activities: hike, cross-country ski, snowshoe

Kate Pace Way
Length: 12.4 km / 7.7 mi   Activities: walk, run, bike, inline skate

Kinsmen Trail
Length: 5.1 km / 3.2 mi   Activities: hike, bike, inline skate

La Vase Portages
Length: 14 km / 8.7 mi   Activities: hike, snowshoe, canoe

Laurentian Escarpment Conservation Area
Length: 6.6 km / 4.1 mi   Activities: hike, mountain bike, cross-country ski, snowshoe

Laurier Woods Trail
Length: 4.8 km / 3 mi   Activities: hike, snowshoe, cross-country ski

Mattawa River
Length: 58 km / 36 mi   Activities: canoe   Locations: from North Bay to Mattawa

North Bay Bike Route
Length: various lengths   Activities: bike

North Bay Nordic Ski Club Trails
Length: 50 km / 31 mi   Activities: cross-country ski

Powassan Circle Route
Length: 100 km / 62 mi   Activities: bike   Also passes through: Callander / Powassan

Otter Lake Trail
Length: 4.1 km / 2.5 mi   Activities: hike, canoe, snowshoe

The Ridge at Nordic 
Length: 4.5 km / 2.8 mi   Activities: snowshoe

Voyageur Cycling Route

Upcoming Trail Events

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