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Loxton Beaver Trail

Hiking Trail Skiing Snowshoe Trail Biking Trail Horseback Trail

Location Chemical Road, South River
Trailhead UTM 637811 mE x 5087167 mN
Ownership Crown Land
Management Forgotten Trails Association
Length 8.5 km / 5.3 mile loop
Difficulty moderate to difficult
Activities hiking, mountain biking, backcountry cross-country skiing (trail not groomed), snowshoeing, horseback riding
Amenities parking close by
Surface backcountry, forested, sand, loose gravel, rock, compacted soil

Rules for Use

  • do not throw garbage into the forest or along the trails
  • for the health of the wildlife and your own safety, please do not feed the wild animals
  • please respect ‘No Trespassing’ signs on adjacent private property and follow the trails as marked
  • the hunting of moose, deer, and bear is popular in this area during the fall, so for your own protection, when using trails during the hunting season, consider it essential to wear bright clothing

Safety Considerations

  • grade is moderate with the exception of one climb
  • all of the Forgotten Trails include sections of uneven tread composed of sand, loose gravel, and rock
  • a few routes feature rustic corduroy paths constructed from windfall to help bridge muddy areas
  • while the Forgotten Trails are routinely inspected, trail users should be prepared to ford over a new washout or clamber over a recently downed tree
  • trailhead may not be visible as signage is intermittent and may have been removed in some places


  • twice a year


Originally built and maintained for winter use as a ski trail, this route is now opened for the summer as a hiking trail. The majority of this trail is moderately difficult, there are areas that features challenging climbs and descents. The trail meanders through a mixed coniferous and deciduous forest. This route will take hikers past Loxton Lake and Beaver Lake, both of which are visible from the trail, and through various terrain including bogs, fens, and marshlands. At one point, the path emerges at the Loxton Dam, which is a soothing spot to take a break, and dangle hot, tired feet in cool water before continuing on your hike.


From the HWY 11/17 junction near Seymour Street, head southeast on HWY 11 for about 57 km (35.4 mi) until you reach the Village of South River. Turn left at Ottawa Street. Continue onto Chemical Road for approximately 17.9 km (11.1 mi). The trail is located on the left side of the road, though signage may not be visible.


Voyageur Cycling Route

Upcoming Trail Events

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